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There are simple things you can do everyday to improve your mental wellbeing. Read about these inspiring Queenslanders who overcame everyday challenges by taking time for their mental wellbeing.
Illustration of friends telling stories


Ever since childhood, Hillary has found joy in caring for the world around her. From raising a deck full of houseplants to choosing environmentally-friendly products, Hillary’s everyday actions help keep her worries about more global environmental issues at bay.


Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety from time to time. Whether it’s before an exam, an interview or a date, feelings of nervousness and unease come and go. But for Michelle, her anxious thoughts were more frequent than just passing worries or a bad day at work.


Calm, confident, and consistent is how most people would describe Greg 52, from Brisbane. So when he was seemingly distracted and forgetting things at work, his teammates knew something was up. Greg was going through a separation at the time and thought he was handling it pretty well. In actual fact, months of underlying stress and neglect of his mental wellbeing had finally caught up with him.


Growing up in El Salvador in the 1980’s, Sara built resilience to endure the extraordinary hardship of living in a country in turmoil. But even growing up through a civil war didn't prepare her for what she'd experience when moving to a new city with her husband and young family.


Three years ago Finn, 25, was looking forward to doing some soul searching overseas. Unlike most of his mates, Finn wasn’t too sure what he wanted to do for work so his idea was that he would find his answers abroad. After all, people always say ‘you find yourself while travelling’.


Every new mother wonders what she’ll pass onto her child.  Her sense of humour? Her intelligence? Maybe her curly hair? For Brooke, 40, she couldn’t help but wonder about the kind of world she’d be passing onto her new bub.